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Golden Frisian Fado

Gold Record

The melancholy and purity of the songs touch a wide audience, and with more than 35.000 copies sold, the album achieves gold status. Nynke receives the literary Piter Jelles Prize for her Slauerhoff translations.


Theatre company Tryater gives Nynke the opportunity, as a recently graduated artist, to create her own first project. She develops the musical arrangements of Sielesâlt with Sytze Pruiksma (percussion/musical direction), Herman Woltman (Portuguese guitar), Wytze van der Meer (double bass) and cellist Carel van Leeuwen. Ruut Weissman directs the show.

Reviews of Sielesâlt (‘Soul Salt’)

“Laverman seems utterly at home with the fado singer’s melancholy.” - Ton Maas, Volkskrant

“As one listens to her flexible, rich and pure voice, nothing seems more appealing than to be steeped in sadness and wander through solitary, black nights.” - Oene W. Nijdam, Leeuwarder Courant

“Supported by an ensemble, Laverman gave her magnificent rendering of various Frisian translations of poems by the most famous Frisian poet of all time: Jan Jacob Slauerhoff.” - Ward Wijndelts, NRC Handelsblad

“She knows how to bend her beautiful voice to every nuance, and her limber sound embellishments are not a trick, but expressions of passion.” - Rennie Veenstra, Nieuwe Dockumer Courant

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