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Nynke & Sytze, beeld: Nichon Glerum


What do you get when you give a plant plenty of love? It blossoms like crazy! Thanks to the success of the theatre tour of Plant, we are taking the stage again with the Plant Bloom Sessions, at a variety of venues, and entering into collaboration with inspiring performers and artists. 

We kicked off with Ragazze Quartet, one of the most prominent and fun string quartets in the country, and Sytze and I gave our first clubshow at festival Explore the North in Leeuwarden. More of both shows will follow!

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Plant Bloom Sessions

Nynke Laverman blurs boundaries. With producer and percussionist Sytze Pruiksma, she creates adventurous, atmospheric music with an unmistakeable message. She wins numerous prizes, including an Edison, and works with international celebrities like Javier Limón. With her soulful voice as her greatest weapon – ‘a leaf-blown shimmer of a voice’ according to The Independent – she draws you into a new, wondrous world with each song.

In 2021 she releases Plant, a powerful album which the press calls hypnotic, a kind of musical film you can lose yourself in. With timeless lyrics like ‘Your Ancestor’, she doesn’t hold back, homing in on the way we, as people, inhabit the Earth, while also challenging us to do some real soul-searching: "Through my music I hope to conjure up a world in which people are able to listen to themselves more closely."

In the Bloom Sessions Nynke is taking the stage with a vibrant live-set of extended versions of the Plant songs. The show is one big trip, a spell-binding journey of stirring beats, surreal soundscapes and spoken word. The characteristic drums and synths of Sytze Pruiksma in combination with his 'bird beats' built from bird sounds, make you feel like you're in the forest or on the mudflats. A trip that will speak to fans of Radiohead, Nils Frahm and Kae Tempest and all melancholic-curious souls.

In 2023/2024 Nynke performs on various stages and festivals with the Bloom Sessions. In doing so, she leaves space for unexpected collaborations and guest musicians: this summer she kicked off with the outstanding Ragazze Quartet at the festivals Wonderfeel en September Me. More shows together with them will follow in May 2024.


Lyrics: Nynke Laverman | Music: Sytze Pruiksma & Nynke Laverman | Vocals: Nynke Laverman | Drums, electronics & 'bird beats': Sytze Pruiksma | Sound: Bo Bruijs | Lighting: Patrick Kramer | Clothing advise: Dieuweke van Reij

Plant Bloom Sessions was created with financial support from: Explore the North (Leeuwarden).

Slow Album Release

With Plant, Nynke is introducing a Slow Album Release. She is allowing her new album to grow over the period of a year, releasing the songs one by one – each accompanied by a podcast that deals with the theme of the song in question. For these podcasts, Nynke and radio-and-podcast-maker Lex Bohlmeijer are interviewing scientists, philosophers and performing artists who inspire Nynke.

Buy Plant on CD and LP

Plant is in stores now. You can also order the album in the webshop. Plant is available on CD and LP. The CD is available immediately, but unfortunately the production of the vinyl has been delayed. You can already pre-order the LP of Plant.

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