Droemvlucht(Nynke & Rowwen Hèze)


ep, 2007, RHAM


A Frisian-Limburgian duet with the band Rowwen Hèze. The song is on the album 'Rodus & Lucius' from the Limburgian band en is out on single too since April 2007. A wonderful ballad by the hand of singer Jack Poels, written with Shakespeare's Midsummernight Dream in the back of his head. Nynke translated her part into Frisian.

"A brilliant love song between a bard from the Peel and a singing Frisian fairy" (LC)

Also on this single you find one of Nynke's songs 'Syn brief' (from De Maisfrou) and the fairy-tale like video clip of Droemvlucht.

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