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JEFTE with Noordpool Orkest

On the Edge - theme song WAD (film)

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One of Us - trailer

Short film made in collaboration with Douwe Dijkstra (film), Sytze Pruiksma (music) & Eduard Escoffet (poetry). Starring Dunja Jocic and Hendrik Aerts. Commissioned by Lân fan Taal (Land of Language). More info on this project.

Seis Oere Thús

The song Nynke wrote together with Sytze Pruiksma for Leeuwarden Cultural Capital of Europe 2018.

De Langste Sliep - live

Ald mei dy - live

Trailer ALTER


      Photo: Femke Teussink     
      Photo: Femke Teussink     
      Photo: Femke Teussink     
      Photo: Femke Teussink     
      Photo: Femke Teussink     
      Photo: Carla Plukkel     
      Photo: Menno Stassen     
      Photo: Almar Setz     
      Concertgebouw, photo: Lexsample     
      Photo: Bob Bronshoff     
      Photo: Femke Teussink     
      Photo: Femke Teussink     
      Photo: Femke Teussink     
      Concertgebouw, photo: Lexsample     
      Photo: Femke Teussink     
      Queensday 2008, photo: Harry Zwerver     
      Photo: Rene Koster     
      Photo: Salvador García     
      Explore the North with Sytze Pruiksma, photo: Ruben van Vliet     
      'Faderpaard', photo: Diana Bloemendal     
      Show Winde Rienstra, Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014     
      Alter, photo: Edu Hernandez Perez     
      Wachter, photo: Gerard Jager     

Trailer Faderpaard

Show with 100 Frisian horses. Artistically produced by director Jos Thie, Nynke & Sytze Pruiksma.

Eftereach with Noordpool Orchestra

'Tichter' live @Uitmarkt Amsterdam

With Jan Roel Hamersma on marimba

Nynke at La Mar de Musicás - 'Wetterjuffer'

With Manuel Cazas, flamenco guitar.

Nynke at La Mar de Musicás - 'Foarjiersfers'

With Manuel Cazas (flamenco guitar), Oleg Fateev (accordeon), Jan Roel Hamersma (marimba) and Sytze Pruiksma (percussion).

Nynke about 'Eftereach' at North Sea Jazz

Interview by RTV Rijnmond with Nynke at North Sea Jazz about the song 'Eftereach' that she wrote together with famous poet Tsjêbbe Hettinga. She explains why this song is so special to her.

The making of Alter

For our German friends, click here for the Vimeo-link!

Nynke performing 'De Brulloft' live at Radio 2

With Sytze Pruiksma playing Noardske balke and temple bells

Rehearsal with Javier Limón

Nynke rehearsing 'Dûns fan de siedden' with Javier Limón in Casa America (Madrid) for the press presentation of La Mar de Músicas (Cartagena, ES). 22nd of May 2013.

Nynke's minute in 'De Wereld Draait Door'

Short docu ALTER

Made by Herman Zeilstra for Omrop Fryslân.

Little Water Song

Nynke performing Little Water Song of Nick Cave & Bruno Pisek with harpist Astrid Haring.

De toek-toek tuorren

Footage of Nynke's second journey to Mongolia, where she visits the nomadic family of Mishka and Badmaa again, with whom she stayed for a month in 2007 in order to gather ideas for her album Nomade. Filmed by Piter Verhoeff.


Nynke performing Leonard Cohen's classic Hallelujah in Frisian in the tv-show De Wereld Draait Door.